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The first step of staying on track is making sure you have a plan. My goal is to feel productive, strong, and ready to tackle marathon training beginning in June/July for Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah. I have been running steadily, but with no structure whatsoever so on Monday morning, doubtlessly while acting like I was taking some important note, I scribbled down what felt like a reasonable guideline for my week; 3-4-6-7-5-4-4. I had already done 3 miles Sunday and Monday was a gimme after being up at 5:30 to drive back to Florence from my parents’ house. It is admittedly unambitious, but it feels good to more or less keep up with a schedule again. I say more or less because I ran more than planned on Monday, Tuesday, and today but knocked Wednesday down by a mile; felt bad since it was supposed to be the longest run of the week, but I was a loser and ate some grapes and crackers leftover from my lunch at 3pm at work, took a nap when I got home (usually I would eat a snack at home, loaf around, and run within an hour or so), and left to run around 7pm and realized I was running on empty after about two miles. The real victory was that I bought a Gatorade G2 two miles from home instead of candy at the CVS like my bad self was trying to tell me to. Pro tip: if you are running and your brain is like, “hey, you are really tired and you haven’t eaten in a while, but I am pretty sure if you ate some WILD BERRY SKITTLES you would feel really good and run fast until you get home in like 20 minutes,” your brain is lying because probably your jaw will hurt from chewing and you will have a gut ache. But I am not sure because I drank gross artificially flavored sports drink instead.

Tomorrow I have to force myself out of bed to run before work in the morning…another habit I have dropped while not training for anything, but what is the beauty of living two minutes from work if not sleeping until 7AM every morning? Then again, when will it ever be that convenient again to get up and run in the morning? I am mildly traumatized because the last time I did, I saw a turtle in the gutter, did not pull him out of the road because I didn’t want to be wiping turtle poop on my face for the next four miles while I sweated, and when I made it back to where he was, he had become crunchy turtle paste on the roadway. Sad.

On Saturday, I am going to run a 5k with my mom and brother, who is visiting from Colorado. I hope that by registering at the elementary school on my way to their house tomorrow night and by enlisting them to participate with me, I will manage to toddle myself out of bed and run some hills. Dream big!

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  1. October 17, 2011 at 10:52 am

    I found your blog last night while looking for reviews of the Pinehurst 1/2.

    I’m considering running it after Savannah then I saw that you are running Savannah too! Good luck!

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