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I think I extended my running streak to something like six weeks solid before finally throwing in the towel in favor of some margaritas on a Sunday afternoon at home. Good deal, I would say. I thought I would get obsessed if I didn’t stop sometime. Since then, I have taken a day or two off, but have mostly stuck with 3-5 miles per day. Internship is still going well enough. I have seven weeks remaining and after that, I will have to figure out something else to do with myself. I wouldn’t mind a job that allows me to run all day and foam roll and eat large quantities of food, but I suppose my current gig of telling people to back off the sodas and eat some vegetables, punctuated with some running, isn’t the worst deal. I just need to work on the getting paid thing.

What else? I have been crutching on the treadmill at the hospital gym big time for the past few weeks. It started when pollen went up and my allergies were awful for a couple of weeks and then I just settled into the soothing sounds of Hoarders or Wheel of Fortune while getting reprieve from the evening heat. Has anyone noticed that Wheel of Fortune has gotten ridiculously hard while Jeopardy has gotten easier? True story. I know like half the Jeopardy answers and can’t solve a damn puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. Another really fun thing about being in Florence during the week and then visiting my parents’ house in North Carolina or my own house in Georgia on the weekends is that every single weekend I get to readjust to pollen wherever I go and experience a good hacking cough after going outside. So, there’s that. I ran a slow 5k a couple of weekends ago at Twilight. FUN.

I feel grossly out of shape which I attribute to doing stuff like a) running on the treadmill and watching TV and listening to music and b) just being lazy at heart or something. My weight is fine, but I do not feel fit at all. I think I need to do some other cardio besides running, but I am not motivated to do anything else except when I watch sports on TV. Yesterday, we were watching the Players Championship (not sure when I started to like watching golf, but I do) and my dad said maybe when I give up running I’d be a good golfer…no mental game for that, though. I would get mad and throw the clubs, which makes me think I’d be better at tennis where I could also get mad and throw the racket, but in better outfits. Basically, I need to throw some stuff. When I started dietetic internship, I told myself it was not the time to worry about being in good shape or keeping up running a lot of miles. There are other things to do first, but it’s one thing to tell yourself that and another to keep feeling like you are being really slack week after week after week.

Here’s nominal proof that I still run. I am wearing spandex, therefore you know I am running. You get sunglasses because you don’t want to know what my face looks like under there. Yowza. Bad deal.


The nice lake behind me that my head is obscuring.


Something good about feeling out of shape is when I go home, I don’t mind running with my dog who cruises like a 9:30 mile on a good day including pee breaks. See also: earning his undying love. He is so sweet and starts getting excited when he sees me getting running clothes out and then really loses it when I put my Garmin on and it starts beeping. I feel sad that I am not home much and hate to disappoint him when I don’t take him with me. He looks weird in this picture and that is why I like it.


Bye peeps!


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  1. May 16, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    yay. welcome back!

  2. May 17, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    ahh yes, the pollen. or, why i am always in an allegra-daze year-round. blah. welcome back to the blogosphere.

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